4-H Fashion & Interior Design Project

What is the Fashion & Interior Design Project?


Fashion Show: To recognize 4-H members who have excelled in fashion and interior design projects and exhibit skills in the application of knowledge of fibers and fabrics to wardrobe selection, clothing construction, or comparison shopping, fashion interpretation and understanding of style, good grooming and poise in front of others, and modeling and presentation of themselves and their garments.

Natural Fiber (Seniors Only):  The purpose of the Fashion Show Natural Fiber Contest is an opportunity for 4-H members to exhibit the skills learned related to Cotton and Wool/Mohair. To recognize 4-H members who do outstanding work in a fashion and interior design project that includes the study of cotton or wool, and mohair.

Fashion Storyboard:  The purpose of the 4-H Fashion Storyboard contest is to give 4-H members an opportunity to create a storyboard of their original design. It also provides the members an opportunity to gain knowledge of the career responsibilities of a fashion designer and illustrator, enhance creativity and originality, and develop visual communication skills.

Duds to Dazzle: The Texas 4-H Duds to Dazzle Fashion and Interior Design Competition utilizes the knowledge and skills learned in the project, while increasing awareness of the impact of the clothing and textile industry on the environment, specifically the waste stream. In the competition, teams of 4-H members will redesign and repurpose discarded garments or textiles into new, viable consumer products.

Contact 4-H Agent, Brittany Allen, for more information!

brittany.allen@ag.tamu.edu or 512.943.3300


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