Lawn & Landscape Care

Earth-Kind Gardening:

Earth-Kind Landscaping

Texas Smartscape – Guide to using plants, shrubs, grasses and trees that are native or adapted to out regional climate.

Texas Superstar – All plants tested and selected for superstar performance in the Texas landscape.

Texas Urban Landscape Guide – Information related to the design, installation and maintenance of WaterWise landscapes.


12 Step Landscape Design

AgriLife Extension Office Landscape Map

Cool Season Annuals

Deer-Resistant Plants

Native and Adapted Landscape Plants

Recommended Landscape Plants for Williamson County

Turfgrass Selection:

Turfgrass Selection for Texas

Bermudagrass Varieties, Hybrids, and Blends for Texas

Turfgrasses for Williamson County

Turfgrass Selection


Turfgrass Maintenance:

Maintaining St. Augustine Grass Lawn

Maintaining Bermudagrass Lawns

Keep Your Lawn Alive During Drought

Lawn Maintenance Schedule


Turfgrass Diseases:

Slim Mold on lawn grass

Take-All Root Rot

Brown Patch and Take All Root Rot Diseases of St. Augustine

Peatmoss Topdressing for Take All Root Rot

Take All Root Rot Information

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