Step Up and Scale Down

Step Up and Scale Down

12 Week Exercise and Nutrition Program

Purpose statement: To promote lifestyle habits that encourage a healthy weight such as physical activity and healthy eating.

Program Outcome Goals:

  • Participants will lose weight.
  • Participants will increase physical activity.
  • Participants will use the new MyPlate in meal planning.
  • Participants will increase their intake of fruits and vegetables.

Schedule of Events:

lesson 1:  Scale Down by Setting Goals
lesson 2:  Step Up to a Healthy Plate
lesson 3: Scale Down by Reading Labels
lesson 4: Step Up to Breakfast and Menu Planning
lesson 5: Scale Down with Moves to Lose
lesson 6: Step Up Your Hydration
lesson 7: Scale Down by Finding Your Motivational Mojo
lesson 8: Step Up to Healthy Snacking
lesson 9: Scale Down with a Colorful Plate
lesson 10: Step Up to Successful Socializing
lesson 11: Scale Down by Knowing Your Numbers
lesson 12: Step Up and Celebrate!

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