Welcome to Williamson County 4-H! Visit our 4-H Resources page for club information, project information, our 4-H calendar, and other resources you may need. 

4-H is a youth development program which is part of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, a division of the Texas A&M University System partnering with local county government. 4-H membership is for anyone in grades 3-12, and those in K-2 can join the Clover Kids program. The 4-H program is built upon community clubs with volunteer Club Managers and Project Leaders. The first step to joining will be finding your club (or clubs, you can join more than one!).

Start by identifying which projects you are interested in. 4-H members complete learning experiences called 4-H projects. A project is a subject or area of interest that the 4-H member wants to learn more about. You can learn about all of Texas 4-H’s projects on their project page.

Once you have your interests identified, find out which 4-H clubs near you offer that project and reach out to that club’s manager to attend a meeting. Feel free to visit as many as you like before deciding which clubs you would like to join. Some clubs have specific focus areas, however most welcome all members no matter which projects their members choose to pursue. Don’t forget that you can join multiple clubs to fit your interests! Clubs conduct business, participate in community service projects, learn new things, and practice leadership skills. A list of our clubs and projects is in this guide.

The last step will be to enroll as a 4-H member online at 4-H Online. The 4-H year begins every September. Once you are enrolled, you will receive updates from me, your club managers, and through our weekly Williamson County 4-H newsletter, the “Williamson County 4-H Happenings.” 4-H members also attend camps, contests and conferences at the county, district, state and national levels. Enrollment is for adult volunteers too! We rely on adult volunteers to assist with clubs, projects, workshops, and events. All adults enroll through the same online system to complete safety training and a background check.

As always, please feel free to reach out to the Extension Office should you need any help or have any questions. We look forward to working with you!

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