Master Wellness Volunteer

M A S T E R  W E L L N E S S  V O L U N T E E R  P R O G R A M

Who Volunteers?

­ High school students
­ Civic leaders
­ Workplace volunteers
­ Human resource managers
­ Organizational leaders


Diverse Opportunities:

Volunteers will find many diverse opportunities throughout the year in which to use their training.
Some ways in which current volunteers have helped their communities include:
­ Give presentations
­ Assist with grocery shopping or food preparation
­ Hand out materials at health fairs
­ Help out at the AgriLife Extension office with data entry or answering phones
­ Set up a Healthy Texans program in the workplace
­ Assist with community programs like Cooking Well with Diabetes or Walk Across Texas


Master Wellness Volunteer Training

Receive 40 hours of training, and give back 40 hours of service to your community as a Master Wellness Volunteer.

Please call the Extension Office at 512-943-3300 if you have questions regarding this program.


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