Williamson County 4-H County Council

Williamson County 4-H County Council


The Williamson County 4-H Council is a coordinating governing body which makes plans and executes these plans on a county basis.  This council is responsible to the clubs it represents and the County Extension Agents.  4-H County Extension Agents serve as advisers to the County 4-H Council.


The membership of the Williamson County 4-H Council shall consist of the Council Officers, Club Presidents, and two County Council delegate per club.  Each club shall be allowed 3 votes, to be cast by the club President and the club Council Delegates (or a duly appointed club representative, in the case of an excused absence of one of the above).  If the County Council President is also his/her local club President, that club will be allowed three County Council Delegates with full voting in the case of a tie.  4-H Club Membership is open to all youth from the third grade and 8 years old, to 19 years of age, regardless of socio-economic level, race, color, sex, religion, handicap, or national origin.

2018-2019 Williamson County Council Officers

President-  Payton Holcomb- Georgetown 4-H

1st Vice President- Luke Fowler- Georgetown 4-H

2nd Vice President- Grace Williamsons- Leander/Cedar Park 4-H

3rd Vice President- Brantley O’Connor- Hutto 4-H

Secretary- Kirsten Heselmeyer- Jarrell 4-H

Treasurer- Sam Williamson- Leander/Cedar Park 4-H

Parliamentarian- April Smith- Liberty Hill 4-H & Shooting Sports 4-H

Reporter- Saryn Paulsen- Hoofpicks 4-H

District Council Delegate- Kari Luxton- Hutto 4-H


County Council Officer elections are held at the May meeting. There is an application to apply for a position and then the county council members vote on the officer nominees. This application will be posted in April. 


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