EEA Exhibition Day

Exhibition Day Objectives –

– To establish a broader understanding and awareness of the arts.

– To create expressions and to expand artistic abilities to the club members and others.

– To envision individual growth, inspiration, and enrichment through participation in varied “Forms of Art”.

Exhibition Day Event Summary –

County-wide EEA Exhibition Day will be held at Christ Lutheran Church in Georgetown on March 6, 2018. Entries due between 8:30am to 10:00am. Judging begins promptly at 10:00am; entries will not be accepted after judging begins. Covered dish luncheon to follow judging and exhibit viewing. Entries will be accepted for EEA club members, Open class, and 4-H class. Awards will be given in all 3 classes. Entry fees are covered by the Association. Click here for entries: Exhibition Day form

Exhibition Day Schedule –

8:30am Registration Begins
10:00am Judging Begins
10:30am Program (New Horizons)
11:30am View Exhibits
11:45am Lunch
12:15am Program (Heritage)
1:00pm Award Presentation
1:30pm District Forms Completed
1:30pm Clean Up
2:00pm All Entries Picked up


Exhibition Day Entry Classes, Awards & Rules:

TEEA Member Class:
Any Williamson County paid TEEA member may enter all categories.
A first, second and third place ribbon will be awarded in each category.
A Champion and Reserve Champion ribbon will be awarded in each Division.
Texas Cultural Arts Exhibit Rules (categories 1-24)
Kits WILL be allowed.
Only one item per person may be entered in each category (1-24).
Each county may send the first and second place winners in each category to district competition.
Non Cultural Arts Exhibit Rules (categories 25-68)
May enter more than one item in any given category (categories 25-68only).
These items do not advance to District.
All items in categories 36-68 must have 2 printed copies of the recipe submitted with entry form.
Items in categories 27-35 will not be tasted by the judges. Items in these categories will be judged on appearance only.
All canned goods must be in standard half-pint, pint, or quart mason jars with self-sealing lids. Do not remove rings.

Open Class:
Anyone that is not a paid TEEA member or 4-H member may enter all categories.
Judging will be each on its own merit.
A first, second or third place ribbon will be awarded to each item depending on judges score.
Entries in this class will not advance to district or state.
Kits WILL be allowed

4-H Class:
Anyone that is a paid 4-H member may enter All Categories.
Judging will be each on its own merit. Judges will determine top 4 winners that will receive $25.00 award which must be used towards a 4-H camp or contest approved by the County FCS Agent.
A first, second or third place ribbon will be awarded to each item depending on judges score.
Entries in this class will not advance to district or state.
Kits WILL be allowed

*All class entries must have a completed entry form for each item and must have been made within the last year. *

TEXAS Cultural Arts Exhibit Categories (1-24)
Williamson County Arts & Crafts I Division
1. Afghans, Tablecloths, Bedspreads, Blankets, and Throws – knitted, crocheted, weaving, and tatting
2. Ceramics, China, Porcelain, and Pottery
3. Craft Painting – tulle and decorative, stenciling – may include wood, metal, glass, fabric, and gourds
4. Decorated Garments – purchased or handmade – embellished or decorated with fabric, ribbon, trim, stones, and/or lace (clothing and accessories).
5. Fabric Creations – (must be made of fabric) – may include dolls, animals, baskets, pillows, braided rugs, door stops, crocheted rag rugs, etc.
6. Fiber Arts – crocheting, knitting, tatting, macramé, and spinning – may include clothing, doilies, scarfs, and other small items
7. Garments and Accessories Handmade – sewing

Williamson County Arts & Crafts II Division
8. Hand stitchery – needlepoint, crewel, embroidery, candle wicking, smocking, and counted cross stitch
9. Machine Embroidery
10. Holiday Decoration – any holiday, any medium
11. Jewelry – may include beads, clay, paper, shells, stones, watercolor, and wood
12. Painting and Drawing – watercolor, oils, pastels, and charcoal
13. Paper – may include note cards and pages
14. Traditional Scrapbooks
15. Digitally Produced Scrapbooks
16. Photography – black and white, and color.

Williamson County Arts & Crafts III Division
17. Quilts – smaller than 50 x 70 Hand Quilted
18. Quilts – larger than 50 x 70 – Hand Quilted
19. Quilts – smaller than 50 x 70 – Machine Quilted
20. Quilts – larger than 50 x 70 – Machine Quilted
21. Quilts Any Size – Hand or Machine Quilted – constructed and quilted by more than one member
22. Recycled items – any medium
23. Wall Hanging – any medium
24. Miscellaneous (items that do not fit any previous category)

Home Grown & Home Preserved Division
25) Succulents                                       31) Canned Vegetables
26) Potted Plants                                  32) Canned Tomatoes
27) Fresh Herbs                                    33) Canned Pickles
28) Fresh Produce                               34) Canned Relishes
29) Preserves, Jam, Jelly                    35) Canned Salsas
30) Canned Fruit

Main Dishes and Side Dishes Division
(Printed Recipe Required)
36) Appetizers                                       42) Meat Dishes
37) Salsas                                               43) Pasta/Grain Dishes
38) Fruit Salads                                    44) Vegetable Side Dishes
39) Vegetable Salads                            45) Soups & Stews
40) Main Dish Salads                          46) Time Saver Dishes
41) Casseroles                                        47) Low Cal/Low Fat/Gluten Free

48) Misc. (not elsewhere classified)

Breads Division
(Printed Recipe Required)
49) Yeast Breads                                    50) Quick Breads (loaf or muffins)
51) Yeast Sweet Roll and Coffee Cakes
52) Misc.
Desserts Division I                                                                    Desserts Division II
(Printed Recipe Required)                                                               (Printed Recipe Required)
53) Unfrosted Cakes or Cupcakes                                                   59) Pies
(made from scratch)                                                                          60) Cobblers
54) Unfrosted Cakes or Cupcakes                                                   61) Cheesecakes
(made from a mix)                                                                             62) Pudding Desserts (Trifles)
55) Frosted Cakes or Cupcakes                                                        63) Bars (Brownies, etc)
(made from scratch)                                                                          64) Cake Balls
56) Frosted Cakes or Cupcakes                                                       65) Cookies
(made from a mix)                                                                             66) Candy
57) Decorated Cakes/Cupcakes/                                                     67) Low Cal/Low Fat/ Gluten Free

58)Misc. Cakes/Cupcakes                                                                68) Misc. Desserts

If you have any questions please call the Extension Office 512-943-3300.

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